Elon Musk’s concept Hyperloop transportation system is a possibility, but, at this time, hardly a probability

Elon Musk's concept HyperloopOnce upon a time we read Flash Gordon and Dick Tracy comic strips which in those days were thought of as "fanciful." We now have jet planes and all kinds of "fancy" personal communication devices – and today we're even saying "nothing is impossible under the sun."

Elon Musk’s transportation concept, which he calls the Hyperloop, is possible (it is feasible, doable, etc.) – and every scientist and engineer worth his salt is not only saying so but swearing to it. If Albert Einstein were alive today, he would have likely exclaimed: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Although the Hyperloop is feasible it is not a probability that it will be built here in the United States in the next fifty to a hundred years, or even more. The most powerful economy on earth that is home to an obsolete landline telephone system can't even get the California High-Speed Rail Project going on schedule.


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