W’s venture into a career in art is untimely, in a manner of speaking

G W Bush The PainterIt’s out – former president George W. Bush has taken up painting as a career of sorts and has opened up to the world by displaying some of his works of “art.” One might suggest that the career change is a good thing for the former president, for his family, and for the country, albeit too late.

It is unfortunate that it took too long for Mr. Bush to discover his real passion in life. Had he found his love and engaged in painting before he ventured into politics, the world would have been spared the invasion of Iraq, and consequently, the heavy loss in American lives and prestige, not to mention the cost to the American people.

The military adventure in Iraq -- undertaken on the made-up excuse of eliminating Saddam Hussein's "weapons of mass destruction" that turned out not to exist -- resulted in problems and setbacks for the world that the human race would probably never recover from.


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