Fast food workers deserve a fair break: it appears that their suit against McDonald’s is being shuttered

McDonald's LogoWe learned that fast food workers at the famed McDonald’s hamburger chain have filed suit against the company and several of their franchisees in three states – California, Michigan, and New York – alleging “illegal underpayment of wages” by not paying overtime, ordering workers to work off the clock, and other “offenses”. The lawsuits were filed in early March this year.

In the suits, workers were allegedly being asked to show up for work but were not paid until customers arrived or until they started actually serving customers, and that workers were also being asked to clock out and wait on the premises until more customers became available. In addition, workers were allegedly asked to pay for their uniforms – and were not being paid for the cost of cleaning them – effectively further reducing their pay. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

If these allegations are true, McDonald’s and their accused franchisees should be sent to the gallows. $7.25 an hour is way below the poverty level in the U. S. The minimum wage should be raised to at least $15 an hour.


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