No, sir, Daniel Cadet – we don’t need people like Donald Sterling or Cliven Bundy

Don Sterling & Cliven BundyDaniel Cadet, editor of Black Voices at Huffington Post, wrote (read his piece) that the world needs people like Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy because “they make white people feel safe . . . white people can look at them and say ‘I’m not a racist because I’m not like that'.” He adds that folk like Sterling

and Bundy “give black people gratification because black people can point to them and say ‘And you white people think we live in a post-racial society'.” Cadet concludes that Sterling and Bundy “restore world order around America’s idea of what racism is supposed to look like. . . . After being confronted by these sort of ‘monsters’ we can all come together, fight them down and ultimately proclaim that we are one.”


Cadet’s assertion is akin to saying the world needs murderers and rapists, because without murderers and rapists you and I would not be able to proclaim: “I’m not a murderer” or “I’m not a rapist.” What we need more in this world are the real boogie men: good thinkers and good writers.


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