Are Conservatives (Republicans) Proposing Sharia Law For The United States?

Sharia Law for the US?This poster has been making the rounds in social network sites and chat rooms. It looks pretty logical, considering what Republicans (and conservatives) have been batting for. The poster points out that Sharia Law (Islamic Law) is pretty similar to what conservatives and leading Republicans advocate.

Here’s a list of what the most vocal Republicans and Conservatives have been fighting for:

  1. No separation of church and state.

  2. Religion should be taught in all schools, public or private.

  3. Prayer sessions should take place in all public meetings and assemblies.

  4. Homosexuality is a sin.

  5. Homosexuality should not be recognized as a lifestyle and should be prohibited.

  6. Gay marriages should be prohibited.

  7. Abortion is a sin and should be prohibited and considered a crime.

The poster alleges that Sharia Law espouses these very same tenets, matching Republican Party doctrine and the beliefs of American conservatives.

Those who believe in the American way of life should be concerned.

Those who believe in their right to religious freedom should be concerned – because if the state adopts a religion, it might not be theirs.

Those who believe in the right of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender to the pursuit of their happiness (as guaranteed in the American Constitution) should be concerned.

And those who believe in a woman’s “right to choose” should be concerned. 

Time to be vigilant!


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