The disintegration of the Republican Party – the end of the two-party system

The Republican Party has become incoherent. The Republican Party has lost its identity.

Today’s Republican Party is made up of at least three cliques: the Old Guard, the Tea Party, and Donald Trump. In the same ominous manner, the Republican Party electorate has changed: the party’s followers are now a lot older, overwhelmingly Caucasian, less educated, and more affluent while the country as a whole has become younger, racially and ethnically diverse, more educated, and predominantly working class.

All these signs indicate one certainty: the Grand Old Party that Abraham Lincoln once led is headed to extinction.

What in the world has happened?

First, there was the emergence within the party of the so-called ‘Tea Party’ drawn together by the likes of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz that caused the party to split into two factions, each aiming to rid the other. And then Donald Trump came, forming still another faction and pushing the party to the very brink of disintegration. The three party cliques have made the Republican Party a most despicable political organization that identifies with intolerance and bigotry.

The Republican Party no longer has a common platform or a vision of its own. The GOP is a party willing to believe in anything if only to exist.

For the Republican Party, survival is now more of a wish than a chance.


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