The 2016 Republican Convention opening day: a sea of white faces and a dozen poorly mendacious speakers

Day one of the 4-day 2016 Republican National Convention closed out in Cleveland, Ohio, Monday, July 18 with a wholly white audience consisting of Republican Party delegates and campaign workers listening to a long list of third-rate speakers led by discredited former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. It would have been a historic flop were it not for Melania Trump’s speech (apparently with a lot of plagiarized parts from Michelle Obama’s convention speech in 2008) that emotionally plead for people to vote for her husband.

Not one nationally-known Republican leader showed up. Notably missing (they had earlier announced a boycott of the convention) were the true Republican Party leaders – former presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, former presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney, and recent presidential primary candidates John Kasich (governor of convention host state), and senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Not even Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan cared to show up!

Meanwhile, outside the convention building were large protest groups that had an even larger audience listening to their chants.

Let’s see what takes place the next three days.


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