Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination while making the angriest, most negative, and most incoherent speech ever

Donald J. Trump walked up to the podium without a single wave to the crowd and without acknowledging anyone in the audience. After accepting the nomination, he started his speech with the promise: “I alone can fix it!” apparently referring to the nation's problems.

Smug as usual – and while making funny faces of all kinds – Donald J. Trump angrily made promises to restore national security, enforce peace and order, build the economy, improve trade, revitalize the energy industry, and change foreign policy – all so incoherently and without saying how he would accomplish any of it.

Among the other vague promises he made:

1. “I will build a country of law and order.”

2. “I will go to work and go to work for you – the people – and build a country that will be the greatest in the world.”

3. “I will immediately stop all immigration into this country.”

4. “I will build a wall across our border with Mexico.”

5. “I will abrogate the NAFTA trade agreement.”

6. “I will change our relationship with NATO.”

He also promised “protection for LGBTQ rights”, and said “the NRA will be proud of me”, etc., etc., etc.

At no point did he say how or in what way he will accomplish any of his promises. Matter of fact, Donald Trump promised all of his plans will “immediately take place or take effect on January 20, 2017 – right after I am sworn into office.”

A highlight of his speech is the absence of a mention of God or religion or faith (all of which are incumbent Republican Party staples). At the end of his speech, he simply said “Thank you” and did not utter the usual “God bless you – and God bless the United States of America.”

The Republican Party convention got from Donald Trump nothing more than his egotism and a long list of empty promises.


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