Ladies: here are four ways to defend yourself from a presidential candidate that threatens to “grab you by the p-ssy”

Ladies - girls and all women in general - beware of the guy running for president this year who has bragged that because of his "star" status he could do almost anything to a woman, including "grabbing her by the pussy."

Here are four ways you could protect yourself from such a predator:

1. Grab his left hand and, using your left elbow, smack him on his stink-resistant nose (see picture 1).

2. Grab his left hand and, using your right palm, give him a big shove up his chin (see picture 2).

3. As he embraces you by your waist, use both hands and give his ugly face a big squeeze (see picture 3).

4. Even before he could get close enough to you and since you've recognized the fat, ugly predator, use your right hand and push his face away (see picture 4).

Warn all your friends and relatives about this man.


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