After 2016 elections, the American federation breaks up: 30 states secede into Trumpkistan, leaving the United States with 20 member states

The 2016 presidential election resulted in a break-up of what was known as the United States of America and its 50 member states.

After winning the presidency last November 8, Republican Party nominee Donald J. Trump agreed to leave the Union with 30 of the states that are known as Red states. The new United States of America will now have 20 member states – the so-called Blue states – plus the District of Columbia. Also joining up with the new USA’s 20 states are protectorates Puerto Rico and Guam.

See the map of the new U. S. A. and Trumpkistan.

Because the White House is in the District of Columbia it will remain as the residence of the U. S. president, in this case Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The new federation is aptly named after president-elect Donald J. Trump who prides himself with building boundary walls. Walls are now being erected across the western and eastern boundaries of the new Trumpkistan.

Why did Donald Trump decide to secede from the American union?

The secession makes it easier for Trump to fulfill his promise of immediately deporting 11 million illegal immigrants from the country upon his election. By simply seceding, the new Trumpkistan will practically be free of illegal immigrants and other overstaying foreign visitors. Likewise, the people of the 20-state new USA refuse to recognize Donald J. Trump as their leader – hence viability of a Trumpkistan.

An application has been filed by Trumpkistan chief of staff Kellyanne Conway with the United Nations for the admission of Trumpkistan into the world body. Conway will be assisted by Trumpkistan Home Security Secretary Rudy Giuliani and State Secretary Chirs Christie in pursuing the United Nations membership.

Trumpkistan President Donald Trump announced that his Interior Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, will head a team of experts that will work on writing a Trumpkistan new Constitution as well as those for its member territories.

Meanwhile, festivities are taking place all over the new 20-state United Stated of America. President Hillary Rodham Clinton declared November 24 through 30 as “USA Thanksgiving Week” that celebrates the ridding of its 30 pains-in-the-neck states.


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