How Donald Trump lost the 2016 presidential contest to Hillary Clinton 31 days before the election

It was a day to remember for Donald Trump and his hope of becoming president of the United States. On October 7, thirty-one days to election, Trump’s campaign was consumed with the task of saving itself from the effects of a scandalous 2005 tape that featured the Republican candidate bragging about his ability to grab women by their pussies and other macho feats.

Ten hours after the video recording was released by the Washington Post, close to a hundred Republican Party bigwigs, including the party chairman, Trump’s own vice presidential running mate, senators, congressmen, governors, etc. had announced their concerns about Trump’s behavior and had withdrawn their support for the Trump candidacy.

To save himself, Trump initially issued an “apology” which everyone condemned and dismissed because it was conditioned on anyone having been offended by his taped remarks.

In desperation, Trump pulled back his initial “apology” and released a video in which he uttered the words “I said it, I was wrong, I apologize” but in which he also said that his behavior was better than those of former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. In other words, he insisted that his despicable conduct was excusable.

And so the Trump campaign meltdown continued.

At this moment, 24 hours before the start of the second of three presidential debates, Donald Trump’s campaign is in severe disarray – with no help in sight.

Pundits have fearlessly predicted that Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.


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