Hillary Clinton wins debate #2 as a belligerent, morose Donald Trump says he would jail her if he wins the election!

It was an edgy night – for Donald Trump, that is. The beleaguered semi-official Republican Party candidate spent the entire hour and a half of the town hall forum fidgeting, sniffing, and interrupting Clinton at every turn.

Trump was visibly irked by Clinton’s ease and mastery of the issues brought up by the moderators and the public – and he instinctively interjected, interrupted, and disrupted her talk.

When it was his turn to answer a question, Trump mostly fabricated information or side-stepped answering the question by talking about matters he was familiar with and could easily articulate.

Trump’s sniffing was quite audible; it raised questions about his health or the medication (or drugs) he was taking.

While Hillary Clinton answered questions with authority and spoke directly to the questioner and the audience, Trump responded to questions by facing and addressing Clinton, visibly morose.

While Clinton maintained her stature, standing erect and pacing firmly, Donald Trump made faces, badgered his opponent, slouched, and – disturbingly – sniffed and shuffled.

CNN’s poll indicated that Clinton won the debate. And every other news and poll organization had results showing Clinton as the clear debate winner.

With all the problems facing him today – including issues regarding his character and his abandonment by many of his supporters and by his party itself – it is questionable if even a miracle can help Donald Trump at this point.

Donald Trump is utterly desperate!


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