What Donald Trump supporters should know: Donald Trump has no true friends, is fickle, inconstant, and disloyal!

It’s a wonder that a handful of Republican Party leaders are still supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. When one considers what Donald Trump stands for and what he has fought for his entire life – which are himself and his own financial interests, respectively – any sane person would (and should) keep a distance from him.

Donald Trump has not a single, true, lifetime friend – and Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is loyal to no one who fails to be useful to him one way or another. One is useful to Donald Trump only as long as one continues to soothe and feed Donald Trump’s ego and/or bank account.

People like Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, and the dwindling band of fellow Trumpeteers overlook – or disregard – the fact that Donald Trump is an egotistical megalomaniac who historically has been loyal to himself and no one but himself.

Those that still support Donald Trump should consider the reasons sane and rational folk like Mitt Romney, former presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, Senator John McCain, and dozens of other fast and true members of the Republican Party, have dumped Trump.

Right-thinking Republicans have dumped Donald Trump because they know that if the xenophobe wins the presidency (which fortunately is as impossible as hearing Donald Trump apologize for anything wrong he’s done), Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone will get all the credit and those that helped him along will be left out on the wayside to sigh, dry, and die.

It’s time for his remaining supporters to realize that Donald Trump is egocentric, egotistic, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, and a self-seeking and self-serving egomaniac.

Donald Trump can never be anyone’s friend.


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