‘Blame Game’ President Donald Trump condemns the media for reporting bad news and derides an entire religious group for an occasional act of terror

It is unfortunate that we have a president who is incapable of leading the country, one who chooses to be part of an issue instead of its solution, and one who fails to rally the people into the task of building their future. We have a president who is so deeply focused on his own personal agenda so much that he has become blind to the nation’s purpose.

When the news does not please him, or when the news tends to be critical of his statements or actions, President Donald Trump brands the news – and its media – as “fake” and then sometimes offers “alternative facts.”

When more than 50 people were killed and hundreds injured by a native-born white American man who fired at his victims from the 32nd floor of a hotel building, President Donald Trump blamed the tragedy on a “a very sick mind.” But when an immigrant from a predominantly Muslim country lost his mind and used a truck to run down and kill 8 bicyclists, President Donald Trump branded the act as “Muslim terrorism” and renewed his call to ban immigration from predominantly Muslim nations.

One would have to wonder if President Donald Trump would blame a bad cold on the weather and then demand that congress outlaw certain weather conditions.

The president’s inability to separate a problem from its root cause(s), and his tendency to focus on their effects instead of their solution, is evidence of a narrow mind. Because of his narrow-mindedness, the president could not distinguish true from false – or good from bad – and due to his thin-skinned nature, the president reacts with his feelings instead of his brain.

In this twenty-first century world, the president needs to possess and use the skills of a good leader – and find solutions to society’s illnesses – instead of being a part of those diseases that plague society.

The president needs to be able to tell true from false, good from bad – and he needs to actively tackle the root cause(s) of our illnesses instead of barking up the tree that they have become.

President Donald Trump will go down in history as the man who became part of the nation’s difficulties, instead of being recognized as the leader who found solutions to some, if not all, of the country’s misfortunes.


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