Even a 15-year-old kid can tell she doesn't make sense

Conservative Ann CoulterConservative columnist Ann Coulter appears to have stuck her foot in her mouth, once again, when she proclaimed that the Republic Party will “die” if it supports immigration reform. She made the claim in a column that appeard this week in her website (If The GOP Is This Stupid, It Deserves To Die, published Wednesday, June 12).

Once again, Miss Coulter has it all wrong. The GOP will not die – it is their ideas, their party platform, their ultra-conservative stand on almost everything – that will die. The party will live on, but most likely in shame as it tries to change, get in touch, and identify itself more with the people.

Miss Coulter asserts that the Grand Old Party’s demise will be caused by an increase in the number of Latino voters. In earlier writings, Miss Coulter claimed that Latinos are “lazy, poor, and government-dependent” and thus could simply not vote for conservatives. She goes on to say that the nation as a whole will be destroyed along with the Republican Party with an increase in Latino voting power.

As usual, the right wing writer has got it all wrong. Even 15-year-old kids know that what she says doesn’t make any sense. But then, who can name a Republican that makes any sense?


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