Sarah Palin makes one more of her typically Sarah bone-bone remarks

Sarah PalinThere she goes again: former Republican Party vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has made one more of her “typically Sarah bone-bone” remarks. This time, she was addressing an issue which the whole world knows she’s completely ignorant about.

In a speech before the “Faith & Freedom Coalition” last weekend, Palin took up the issue of the people’s rebellion in Syria and said that the U.S. should not have anything to do in that country while Barack Obama is president. Implying that Obama knew very little about what’s going on in the Middle East, Palin added: “Until we have a commander in chief who knows what he’s doing, let Allah sort it out.”

U.S. and European intelligence have agreed that Syrian president Bashar Assad was using chemical weapons in his fight against the rebels resulting in the death of thousands of people, including innocent civilians. Because of this, the U.S. had officially announced that it would start sending military assistance to Syrian rebel forces. It was this move by the U.S. that Palin was referring to in her speech.

Sarah Palin must believe that she knows a lot more about “what’s going on in Syria” than the whole of U.S. and European military intelligence. How else could she say that our current commander in chief doesn’t know what he’s doing? And if she did know more than our current commander in chief, could she please come up with her suggestions on what to do about the situation in Syria?


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