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Why Filipinos must not elect Duterte or Binay – two men who may bring ruin to a country struggling to emerge from a culture of political lawlessness, graft, and corruption

The Candidates

The past six years saw the Philippines recuperating from decades of failed leadership, mismanagement, and plundering. Public officials high and low have been charged with graft, corruption, and plunder – and dozens upon dozens of them have been removed and perpetually disqualified from public office, while many more face similar fates.

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Is Ted Cruz a ‘natural born citizen’ of the United States? A lawsuit has challenged the claim!

Because of the sketchy record of his mother’s life and places of residence, Ted Cruz’ status as a ‘natural born’ US citizen might just be in jeopardy

The Constitution of the United States sets three conditions for any person to be president of the United States. These conditions must be met at the time the person takes the oath of office for president:

1. He or she must be a “natural born citizen (of the United States)”;

2. He or she must “have attained to the age of thirty-five years”; and,

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The need to reform Saudi Arabia and its extremist Wahhabi influences

Saudi Arabia – once the United States’ most fervent and dependable ally in the Middle East – has become the United States’ biggest diplomatic liability.

While Saudi Arabia is the US’ largest and most consistent buyer of military equipment ($12 billion in military purchases between 2009 and 2014 alone), the country run by the Saud family also has been a strong

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The disintegration of the Republican Party – the end of the two-party system

The Republican Party has become incoherent. The Republican Party has lost its identity.

Today’s Republican Party is made up of at least three cliques: the Old Guard, the Tea Party, and Donald Trump. In the same ominous manner, the Republican Party electorate has changed: the party’s followers are now a lot older, overwhelmingly Caucasian, less educated, and more affluent while the country as a whole has become younger, racially and ethnically diverse, more educated, and predominantly working class.

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Fight terrorism by going after the root of it: those that foment hatred

Islamic Wahhabists, radical Christians, white supremacists, and political demagogues are among the promoters of hatred and mass murder

ISIS - Product of Wahhabism

Sigmund Freud defined hate “as an ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness.” People and institutions that preach hate in effect preach the destruction of those they dislike or disagree with. There would be hardly an environment that nurtures terrorism and terrorist acts if every nation on earth made it illegal to preach and promote hatred of any kind.

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Those that give away 99% of their wealth can’t possibly be “conservative”

A conservative will not spend a dime of their money for the benefit of humanity or some other good cause

Mark & Priscilla with Max

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan have just had a baby – a girl they have named Max. And to celebrate the occasion of Max’s birth, the couple has announced that they are giving away 99% of their wealth – about $44.3 billion of their Facebook holdings. They will keep a measly $449 million worth of shares in the company he founded.

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Terrorism is not an ethnic trait – it’s a malady wrought by social, religious extremism

Oklahoma City Boming - 1995Some nations unwittingly provide the ways and means for terrorists to thrive

Every nation on earth has the potential to produce its own brand of terrorists and criminals. But only a few nations provide the media and conditions that produce and nurture terrorists and criminals. There are nations notorious for organized crime syndicates, and there are countries where corruption is the way of life. And there are countries that allow institutions – in consideration of the rights to free speech and peaceful assembly – to promote and foster hate and ill-will toward others. The latter becomes the breeding ground for all sorts of terrorists.

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