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America: land of the free and the brave, or home of the bound and the fearful?

Statur of Liberty PlaqueThe United States of America – a nation of immigrants – appears to be turning away from and shunning its history. More and more voices are condemning the US government’s plans to provide asylum to thousands of desperate Syrian war refugees.

Many Americans who believe their country’s heritage is best symbolized by the Statue of Liberty unreasonably object to having refugees from Middle Eastern countries. Many Americans who consider the Statue of Liberty as synonymous with freedom unconditionally brand refugees from the Middle East as terrorists. And many Americans who insist on their right to freedom in the choice of a religion consider Muslims in general as undesirable.

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The difference between a Democrat and a Republican: like the difference between blue and red

Dems & Reps - LOGO

Many Americans appear to be confused about, or unsure of, their political identities. Some Americans align with a party because they have friends or associates within it, while some drift towards a party because of one or two platform issues they like, and still others join a party because they are attracted by its charismatic leader.

Few Americans truly understand the meaning of being a Democrat or Republican.

Let’s look at the origin and platforms of these two political parties.

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Some seek public office only for the honor and distinction of the title, but not to serve

There should be a law making it a misdemeanor for one to have achieved nothing – or next to nothing – for the benefit of a constituency while enjoying the title, benefits, and honor of a public office.

Winning an election – and then basking in the glory of the title and honor of the post – is the primary and only goal of many a candidate for public office. Serving the people in any way is a collateral aim, if at all. Once elected, the candidate’s primary objective is achieved, and all that needs to be done is parade around with the title that’s been won, serve out the term of office and – worse of all – seek reelection.

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Are Conservatives (Republicans) Proposing Sharia Law For The United States?

Sharia Law for the US?This poster has been making the rounds in social network sites and chat rooms. It looks pretty logical, considering what Republicans (and conservatives) have been batting for. The poster points out that Sharia Law (Islamic Law) is pretty similar to what conservatives and leading Republicans advocate.

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It’s not their religion, politics, or culture – it’s our abiding, fundamental distrust of others

Yoda Says . . . More and more people are turning out to be rude, offensive, intolerant, and sometimes verbally violent in discussion forums and social networking sites across the Internet. The incivility is worrisome.

What is our problem? Why are more of us becoming impolite, discourteous? Why do we ridicule, fear, distrust, and condemn others because of their ethnicity, culture, religion, or politics?

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MLMs, pyramids, and other dubious marketing schemes: not only illegal but immoral and unethical

A friend abandoned his successful real estate business a couple of years ago to join a multi-level marketing (MLM) operation. Because he tried to convince me to team up with him to “earn money big time” and live in luxury, I decided to look into the business and see what it was all about.

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At a San Lorenzo Cemetery: stories of the pioneers who blazed trails and built a region

Tombs of the Wealthy

There are the once famous, wealthy, and powerful men and women: John Lewelling, Elvy Lewelling, William Meek, and Fidela Meek, among dozens of others. And there are the lonely paupers and losers: Edward Lind, Ralph London, Albert Howe, Henry Nelson, William Johnson, and Charles Hardy, among hundreds of others. At the 3-acre San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery where they lay to rest they each tell their story, mutely.

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