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The venerable Heald College: an institution brought to ruin by corporate incompetence and greed

Trying To Save A School!

Heald College was known as Heald’s Business College when it was established in 1863 by Edward Payson Heald. My experience with the venerable institution began when I started teaching evening classes for the school’s Electronic Engineering Technology degree courses at its San Francisco campus in 1981.

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The 2015 House Select Committee Hearings on Benghazi: in aid of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign

Hillary Clinton - Composed

The 2015 House Select Committee’s investigation into the events at Benghazi during an Islamic terrorist attack on the US consulate there on September 11, 2012 – aimed at being “in aid of legislation” – began and continued as a “hearing in aid of Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.”

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End of a political dynasty: unbridled government corruption, thievery gets a beating in the Philippines

The Binay Political DynastyKleptocracy and the Binay political dynasty received a severe beating in the Philippines when the country’s Ombudsman – an officer with extraordinary powers to fight and eliminate graft and corruption in public office – ordered the “permanent dismissal” and perpetual disqualification from public office of suspended Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin “JunJun” Binay and nineteen of his city officials. The Ombudsman’s order is “immediately executory.”

JunJun Binay is the son of the country’s vice president, Jejomar “JoJo” Binay.

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On stupid people with twisted minds, and why we have murderers, rapists, stalkers and serial killers, etc.

Why We Have Bad People

Why are there people like Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump? Why are there serial killers, stalkers, rapists, and mass murderers?

It is said that 10 percent of the human population is made up of people who are ‘potential’ mental misfits, whose minds and thinking can flip at anytime – depending on a ‘trigger’ – while another 20 percent of the human race, although possessed with properly-constituted or ‘normal’ brain matter, tend to develop twisted, incongruous thoughts and ideas that go against social culture and defy science and scientifically-proven facts.

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With NASA proving there’s water on it, mankind’s hope for the future now rests on the red planet Mars

Man on Mars by 2035

The earth’s human population is growing at an astronomical rate. The United Nation’s Department of Economic & Social Affairs states that earth’s population has grown to 7,349,472,000 this year, about 4 billion over (or more than double) what it was in 1950. The same UN agency estimates earth’s population will be 7,758,157,000 in 2020; 9,725,148,000 in 2050; and a whopping 11,213,317,000 in 2100.

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While the Philippines' economy grows, the number of its people living in extreme poverty continues to rise

Extreme Poverty In The Philippines - 01

A London-based research firm has projected that the Philippines will be the 26th largest economy in the world (rising from its current 45th position) by the year 2025. But the same organization could not make any good predictions for the number of the country’s population that will benefit from such economic growth.

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Religion’s propagators – not religion per se – are to blame for vilification, discord and war among peoples

Wars Caused By Religion's PropagatorsMost of the wars on earth have been labeled “religious” or “holy” because they were caused by differences in religious doctrine – and by religious urgings. Those wars that included the Jewish conquest of the Levant, the Muslim invasions, and the Roman Catholic Crusades were engendered by the ungodly enmity between propagators of three principal religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Armed conflicts in today’s world are the result of one or another religion’s determination to spread gospel and expand flock, or to eliminate competition. While it is true that some wars are caused by economic, cultural or political factors, it is an undeniable and inescapable fact that those wars are also inspired – to some extent – by religious goals.

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