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Donald Trump: an opportunistic, pathological fabulist who flip-flops, vacillates and condescends?

The Many Faces Of Donald Trump

When a member of his campaign audience suggested to him that President Barrack Obama was a Muslim and not an American citizen, Donald Trump verbally agreed with the speaker on a side issue while silently acquiescing on the allegation regarding the president’s religion and citizenship. Donald Trump helped propagate a lie because it was convenient and beneficial for him to do so at the time.

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Ahmed Mohamed and his encounter with a bigoted, socially conservative Southern culture

Ahmed Mohamed is a bright and resourceful 14-year-old inventor who has been keeping himself busy creating various electronic devices. Recently, he built an electronic clock, from scratch. He bragged about his latest creation to one of his teachers at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas. The teacher dutifully asked Ahmed to bring the clock in to school to show off to his schoolmates.

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Why Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees flee to Europe and not to their affluent Arab neighboring states

Sweden Takes In More RefugeesThere are ‘complaints’ that affluent Arab countries such as the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia are not contributing their share and providing asylum to Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees. Let’s get things straight: those Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees are fleeing to – and knocking on the doors of – European Union countries because that’s where they want to be.

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A peek into the 22nd Century: Urbanites living in environment-friendly luxury, in harmony with nature

22nd Century Cities - Compact CommunitiesWhat would we see if we looked into the future – into the year 2101?

In the last half of the 21st Century, earth was in trouble – the environment had been mostly polluted, the ozone layer almost gone, and global warming had reduced earth’s land area by three percent. The earth’s population had hit the 15-billion mark and kept growing. Mars did not offer any hope for habitation – seven pilgrimage ships to the red planet ended in disaster – 236 humans

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Religion is losing appeal: Should the church stop dealing in temporal matters and focus on the supernatural instead?

Why Religion Is LosingPope Francis recently announced steps to have the Catholic church respect the rights of gay people and to make marriage annulment easier and cheaper, while Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle advised Filipinos not to work too hard – to drop what they’re doing – and to go “smell the roses.” Religion is losing its battle to win the hearts and minds of people because it no longer serves what people seek from it: their spiritual salvation and an eternal afterlife.

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Immigrants provide a nation with cultural diversity, plus the stimulus and energy for economic growth

Migrants Crossing Into Hungary

History proves that nations which welcome immigrants develop vibrant societies and robust economies. Immigrants bring in new ideas, new spirit, new enthusiasm and new industry. Immigrants have a distinct determination to succeed and an ethic of not willing to fail. The immigrant’s path to success is hard work, frugality, and an unquestioning loyalty to their host country and society.

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A vicissitude of growth: the view of Manila’s iconic Rizal Monument with a 46-story condominium as a backdrop

Rizal Monument & Torre De ManilaA 46-story condominium building – Torre de Manila – has risen in the city of Manila, creating a new and imposing backdrop for the city’s iconic Rizal Monument at the Luneta Park. Members of the Order of the Knights of Rizal claim that the condominium building is effectively photobombing and desecrating the venerable monument.

While the Order of the Knights of Rizal has won a temporary restraining order that stops work on the towering edifice, it is unlikely that the building’s construction will be permanently halted, or that the building – almost complete as it is – will be ordered torn down.

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