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Imelda, Imee, and Bongbong: give it up, surrender plundered wealth, change your last name, and start a new life somewhere else

Three members of the Marcos family – Imelda Romualdez Marcos and her children Maria Imelda ‘Imee’ Marcos and Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. – refuse to admit that the name of their late husband and father, former dictator Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, is so irremediably tainted, discredited, and despised.

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The battle for the liberation of Manila: in 144 pictures taken by US army personnel during and after hostilities

The battle to liberate Manila lasted a month – between February 3 and March 3, 1945. The Japanese were the occupiers from whom the city and its surrounding areas were being liberated by American troops.

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What Donald Trump supporters should know: Donald Trump has no true friends, is fickle, inconstant, and disloyal!

It’s a wonder that a handful of Republican Party leaders are still supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. When one considers what Donald Trump stands for and what he has fought for his entire life – which are himself and his own financial interests, respectively – any sane person would (and should) keep a distance from him.

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Hillary Clinton wins debate #2 as a belligerent, morose Donald Trump says he would jail her if he wins the election!

It was an edgy night – for Donald Trump, that is. The beleaguered semi-official Republican Party candidate spent the entire hour and a half of the town hall forum fidgeting, sniffing, and interrupting Clinton at every turn.

Trump was visibly irked by Clinton’s ease and mastery of the issues brought up by the moderators and the public – and he instinctively interjected, interrupted, and disrupted her talk.

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How Donald Trump lost the 2016 presidential contest to Hillary Clinton 31 days before the election

It was a day to remember for Donald Trump and his hope of becoming president of the United States. On October 7, thirty-one days to election, Trump’s campaign was consumed with the task of saving itself from the effects of a scandalous 2005 tape that featured the Republican candidate bragging about his ability to grab women by their pussies and other macho feats.

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How Donald Trump mumbled, fumbled, and lost the first of three presidential debates to a level-headed Hillary Clinton

His ego, his ability to speak semi-coherently without thinking, and his thin-skinned nature got the best of the demagogue

While extravagantly displaying his ignorance of world affairs, American foreign policy, diplomacy, government, law, and plain current events, Donald Trump fumbled and mumbled and blew a chance to show the American people that he has what it takes to be president of the United States.

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Why Donald J. Trump has not the shadow of a slim chance to get elected president of the United States

There are only two ways that Donald J. Trump – the most unqualified person to have been nominated by a major political party for the presidency of the United States – will win the election in November:

1. There is rampant cheating in favor of Mr. Trump where women, young Americans, members of the minority, and newly enfranchised immigrant voters are – one way of another – deprived of their right to vote.

2. The entire United States west coast gets torn off the continent and sunk into the Pacific Ocean in a major, major earthquake, leaving the contest to mostly so-called “Red” states.

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