Halliday elected mayor, Peixoto and Lamnin win city council seats, and Measure C wins big in Hayward

against Salinas' 31.80%, Zermeño’s 22.00%, and Christian’s 6.86%. Halliday will take over as mayor in July, replacing Michael “Mike” Sweeney who is retiring from public life.

In the city council race, incumbent Marvin Peixoto was re-elected with newcomer Sara Lamnin. Peixoto garnered 22.64% of the votes against Lamnin’s 21.90%. Peixoto and Lamnin will likewise start their new city council terms in July. Other council hopefuls were Ryan “Rocky” Fernandez (18.88%), Julie R. McKillop (16.50%), Rodney Lochè (10.93%), Ralph Farias Jr. (5.23%), and Phillip Gallegos (3.50%).

Halliday announced that her priority is to pull the city council members together and fill the vacant city council seat resulting from her election as mayor. Salinas’ city council term expires in July this year while Zermeño will continue on the council since his term expires in 2016.

Meanwhile, a huge winner in the June 3 election was the city’s Measure C initiative which calls for a sales tax increase to raise funds for a new city library, police services, and fire station repairs. Measure C won with 67.68% of the votes cast. Hayward community services director Sean Reinhart said work on the library could start early next year.


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