Hayward gears up to appoint new council member in wake of June 3 election

The plan is for the current city council to meet on July 8 during which it will set the guidelines for applications to the vacant council seat. According to city staff members, the application process would most likely open on July 8 and end on July 15. A special council meeting on July 17 will then be used to select from among the applicants those candidates that the council would actively consider and interview for the vacant seat. The interview process would take place on July 22 at which time the council will also make its decision and announce the appointment, if any.

Appointing a member to the council is the best choice for the city, considering that it would cost more than $200,000 to hold a special election to fill in the vacancy. If the council fails to select an appointee, a special election may not take place since the city is required to provide a 133-day public notice which ends on July 14 (the city might, however, provide the public notice before the July 14 deadline while it is actively trying to appoint a new council member and rescind the notice should it eventually make an appointment).

A growing number of candidates are lining up to apply for the vacant seat, including Mark Salinas (whose council term expired this year when he unsuccessfully ran for mayor), planning commissioners Rodney Loché and Elisa Marquez, former transit board member Rocky Fernandez, and restaurateur Julie McKillop. Loché, Fernandez, and McKillop were among the candidates for the city council race this year who lost – Fernandez placed third, McKillop fourth, and Loché fifth.

The last time the city appointed a member to the city council was in 2006, following the unexpected death of council member Matt Jimenez shortly after his re-election. Among those who applied for the vacant seat at the time were Francisco Zermeño who eventually was elected to the council in 2008 and re-elected in 2012, then-planning commissioners Marvin Peixoto (who won election to the council in 2010 and was re-elected this year) and Al Mendall (who was elected to the council in 2012), and a former council member - Doris Rodriguez. Rodriguez won the appointment at the time.


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