Hayward, CA: Local political scene heats up for the June 3, 2014 elections

another term until “sometime in the summer”, others are said to be maneuvering into position.

Bill Quirk, Mark Salinas, Mike SweeneyCouncil member Mark Salinas has talked to his supporters, urging them not to make any commitments until after summer when Mayor Sweeney makes a decision. Salinas has made it known that if Sweeney does not run, he will. He has categorically stated that he is “more electable” than Zermeño whom he believes will lose to any other candidate.

Others who might run for mayor if the incumbent decides not to are council members Greg Jones, Barbara Halliday, and Al Mendall. However, only Salinas has made a move so far. Zermeño’s city council term ends in 2016, which gives him an edge because he has nothing to lose if he doesn’t make the mayorship. Salinas, on the other hand will be out of office if he runs for mayor and loses. He is confident, however, that he can easily beat Zermeño.


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