But wait - why do I keep forgetting things?

Here’s a bit of great good news! The human brain – YOUR BRAIN - is constantly producing new neurons – new cells – as it grows older! As a matter of fact, a report from Swedish researchers states that we have those old A-Bomb tests during the cold war to thank for this phenomenon.

Swedish scientists claim that those atomic tests in the ’40s and ’50s sprayed a lot of Carbon-14 into the earth’s atmosphere. And what happened to all that stuff? All that Carbon-14 ended up in human beings (and, most likely, other creatures too!). The important matter, the scientists claim, is that Carbon-14 helps the brain produce more cells than usual.

But wait! The same scientists also state that the rate of production of new cells lag far behind the rate at which brain cells die — and since the new cells live for a very short period of time compared to the old cells, we all eventually begin to lose things or forget an appointment or two. Oh, well . . .


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