Edward Snowden must pay for his treacherous acts against the U.S. and the American people

While some Americans may be grateful to Snowden for what he has revealed and exposed, Americans certainly could not admire him and consider him a “role model” or an ideal. Ratting that borders on treason is not admirable.

The NSA is one of this country’s tools in the fight against anti-American terrorism. Snowden committed a grievous wrong by turning against the agency that serves the country well, the agency for which he worked and to which he pledged loyalty. The NSA also needs to protect itself from employees and contractors like Snowden.

Snowden is currently hiding out in Hong Kong on a temporary visa while the FBI prepares its case against him and U.S. agencies investigate the company that hired him for failing to 'vet' him properly. He has very few options to save his skin. I suggest that his best move is to submit himself to the American people and let the people's courts explain to him the gravity of his diabolical acts.


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