Some men come out of a bad situation doing great things for society while others end up doing more evil to their fellowmen

have gathered enough signatures to place him on the ballot. Polls indicate that he leads his closest opponent, Manhattan borough president Mark Stringer, by a good margin.

Some people come out of a bad situation doing very great things for society, while others do even more evil to their fellowmen. It's a tough call. There’s not a formula that tells us who’s going to end up good and who’ll continue being bad. But if New Yorkers can see something really remarkable in Eliot Spitzer's past – especially during his term as governor – and nothing exceptionally outstanding about his current opponent(s) for state comptroller maybe they could take another chance on him.

Watching and listening to Spitzer on Jay Leno’s “The Tonight Show” on Friday (July 12), one gets the impression that Eliot Spitzer is determined to make history, if not just to redeem himself.


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