A person that dresses and acts like a clown entertains; but a clown who poses as a person is a grave threat to our life and culture!

It is said that we should beware a wolf in sheep's clothing. Nothing could be more true, especially in today's world.

America today has to candidates running for president of the country. One is a legitimate option of proven leadership, skills, and performance - and she's very well on her way to winning the election, while the other is a pretender, a person of dubious learning and intellect that has been condemned up and down the social strata and unfit for the highest office of the land.

In five days, American voters will select their president.

In five days, the American people will elect their first female president.

In five days, Donald J. Trump will regret having attempted to dupe a nation into allowing him to run them into ground.

In five days, the American people can heave a sigh of relief - the wait's over, the country's now safe.


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